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Heredity: presentation of the game

Heredity is a cooperative and narrative game for 1 to 4 players where you embody the destiny of a family in a Post Apocalyptic universe. Your adventure unfolds over 5 chapters that form a campaign.

Heredity is work in progress and we are actively looking for testers and their feedback on the game.

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Playtest sessions

We are looking for players who want to test the game and give us their feedback. These test sessions can be organized remotely (Google Meet + Tabletop Simulator) or in real life at Montpellier. Don't hesitate to book a time slot, it's a friendly moment of sharing between passionate players!

Tabletop Simulator (TTS)

Tabletop Simulator is a software that allows you to discover board games directly on your computer. You can purchase it at Steam here. Heredity is available for free on Tabletop Simulator. There, you will find an Introduction scenario to learn the rules as well as the Chapter I of your adventure. Feel free to submit your feedback on the Steam page.

Heredity for TTS

Learning the rules

You can learn the basic rules by watching the video presenting the Introduction scenario. The rules are also available here:

Quick Start Guide *

* requires the Introduction scenario on Tabletop Simulator


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